ImageJoy Elliott
Wake County Soil and Water Conservation
District Supervisor

S    Raised on a Southern Wake County family farm.
S Experienced in the spa and swimming pool industry.
S N.C.  Water Pollution Control Systems Operator Certified.
S    Member North Carolina Water Works Association.
S Member Water Enviornment Association.
S BBA from Campbell University
S    Concerned parent who will work for cost effective  solutions 
environmental stewardship.
My email address is  joyelliott@zoomshare.com
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VOTE ELLIOTT for Wake County Soil and Water Conservation.

Wake County being my home and where I grew up is a fantastic place to live.   The growth over the years has enriched the lives of many people who have come to this area for a better life.  We should be cautious not to make the mistakes of the over reaching governments in those polluted cities that so many have left behind.  A vote for Elliott is a vote for a Conservation Supervisor who will trust people to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their homes and lives.  

I believe private property owners will always take better care of their property than the government.  The government doesnít have a particularly good track record of taking care of natural resources.  Private property owners worry about future property values government bureaucrats have no vested interest in the future value of property. 

My motivation to campaign to be a representative as one of the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisors is due to the New Hill Sewage Treatment Plant situation.  When even the governmentís own Environmental Engineers recommend an already industrial site over a farm property located in a thriving small community, I have to stand up and say enough already.  Governments across this country have run away with using their eminent domain powers to punish those who are not politically connected and granting a favored status to others.  It was time to say enough already.  This isnít to say that a sewage plant is needed but it doesnít represent good corporate citizenship on the part of Progress Energy to use itís political influence to shift the project from a small part of their industrial area on to a community of homes, shops and churches.

If you elect me you will have a representative that wants to use the least amount of government to accomplish the goals of keeping our natural resources clean and available for future generations.  I feel creative private initiatives and education will help people improve not only the quality of their own lives but increase the value of their property.

Please roam around my web page to find more about my positions on the issues.  I have included links with comments.

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